~The Gift That Will Last A Lifetime~

The Worry Box is designed in hopes of helping everyone, no matter what your need may be. In today's fast paced
world we all worry, of one thing or another.....We All Need Hope. No matter how rich or how poor, our lives.....from time to time, face heartache and uncertainty. Wouldn't it be nice if we could just tuck our worries away for a while. My Worry Box is designed for just that. Just put your worries inside The Worry Box where "THERE IS ALWAYS HOPE", and let your little angel take over. All you need to do is reach deep down within your soul and find the faith within you that we are all born with. Now together, these two precious gifts from God, your faith and your angel.....can open the door to so many wonderful things.

Each and every Worry Box is made by me, no two will be exactly alike, though all will be a Lenox Like finish with 18K Gold to accent the wings of the Angel it carries. The Worry Box is an Exclusive and can be found no other place other then thru my site or my store. They bare my signature in every lid. With your Worry Box you will receive
the poem penned by me.

To view “THERE IS ALWAYS HOPE” and our NEW message board , just go to (, for info on The Worry Box just call (570) 992-7714.

As we all know, worry in an endless struggle that, at times, can take so much pleasure out of life. In MY heart I honestly feel There is always hope, and I pray in some way “The Worry Box” helps you. God said in the last book of the bible that he will receive our prayers through the hands of an angel, could this be the reason this little angel is helping so many people in so many different ways?

Love and God Bless, Suzie Merwine


A Poem by Suzie

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